Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 12

1. Approximately how much fluid is lost in acute weight loss of .5kg?
2. Which of the following drugs are not compatible when taking Probanthine?
3. What should the nurse tell clients when taking Probanthine-
4. Which of the following immunoglobulin are responsible for anaphylactic reactions?
5. Which of the following conditions is caused by elevated intra ocular pressure?
6. The fundamental aim of plastic and reconstructive surgery is to:
7. The procedures, techniques and principles of cosmetic surgery concentrate on:
8. Rhinoplasty refers to:
9. Mydriatics cause:
10. A mastoidectomy is used to:
11. A mastoidectomy can treat complications of:
12. The key objective in coronary artery bypass graft is to:
13. Atrial fibrillation is:
14. Cardiac valves allow for:
15. The valve most commonly replaced is the:
16. The valve most likely to be repaired is:
17. Varicose veins are more prevalent:
18. An aneurysm is:
19. Gynecomastia is known as-
20. During clotting, the prothrombin is changed to thrombin the presence of ?