Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 13

1. Most of the infections spread to the ear from throat through ?
2. Which of the following are not found in the glomerular filtrate?
3. Which of these has the highest concentration in the urine?
4. Which ion is reabsorbed in exchange for sodium?
5. What is the average glomerular filtration rate?
6. How much urine is formed in 24 hours?
7. Most tubular re-absorption occurs at the _____.
8. The kidney secretes — for the purpose of stimulating bone marrow activity.
9. A client with frequent urinary tract infections asks the nurse how she can prevent the reoccurrence. The nurse should teach the client to:
10. The physician has ordered a histoplasmosis test for the elderly client. The nurse is aware that histoplasmosis is transmitted to humans by:
11. The nurse is planning room assignments for the day. Which client should be assigned to a private room if only one is available?
12. Which assignment should not be performed by the nursing assistant?
13. The nurse is suspected of charting medication administration that he did not give. After talking to the nurse, the charge nurse should:
14. The signs and symptoms of raised intracranial pressure include:
15. The circle of Willis is located:
16. . The term hemiparesis refers to:
17. The appendix is located in:
18. The appendix is usually:
19. A hemicolectomy results in the:
20. The large intestine is approximately: