Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 18

1. Polio is the primary infection of
2. A patient with a total hip replacement requires certain equipment for recovery. Which of the following will assist the patient with activities of daily living (ADL)?
3. Damage to the VII cranial nerve (CN VII) results in
4. A patient has recently been diagnosed with leukemia. Which of the following symptoms would a health care professional expect to see given this diagnosis?
5. During an interview with a patient with a diagnosis of Parkinson's disease (PD), which of the following speech patterns will the healthcare provider anticipate?
6. A patient who has a history of chronic bronchitis is admitted to the medical unit. The healthcare provider notes the red blood cell count is elevated. Which of these is the likely contributing factor to this lab result in this patient?
7. A pediatric patient has been diagnosed with right lower lobe pneumonia. Upon auscultation of this lung field, the healthcare provider would expect to hear which breath sound?
8. The nurse is assisting a doctor with the removal of a central venous catheter. To prevent complications, the patient should be instructed to
9. Which of the following conditions most commonly causes acute glomerulonephritis?
10. The doctor orders Zofran 8 mg PO t.i.d. The pharmacy sends a 100 ml bottle, labeled 4 mg/tsp. How many ml should be given for each dose?
11. All the following affect pharmacokinetics in the elderly EXCEPT
12. At her 10-year old daughter's routine physical, a mother reports that her daughter has started to develop breasts and grow pubic hair. The nurse tells them that after signs of puberty appear, menstruation usually occurs within
13. The nurse is instructing a client with newly-diagnosed type 2 diabetes how to use a blood glucose monitor. Which consistent glucose level should the client report to the health care provider?
14. As the nurse prepares to instruct a client who has just been prescribed atorvastatin (Lipitor), which periodic laboratory test should the client receive?
15. A patient with a fractured hip has been placed in Buck’s traction. Which statement is true regarding this treatment?
16. The healthcare provider would anticipate which of the following as a treatment option for pneumonitis?
17. A patient with pancreatic cancer has undergone a Whipple procedure. During the Whipple procedure, the surgeon will remove the
18. While caring for a patient following a laryngectomy, the patient suddenly becomes pale and nonresponsive, with a BP of 90/40. The initial action should be to
19. Which chair is best for an elderly client who is learning self-care for managing hip pain from rheumatoid arthritis?
20. The nurse is planning activities for elderly residents in a long-term care facility. Which of the following activities will be MOST effective in meeting the growth and development needs of a person in this age group?