Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 19

1. The nurse is teaching a new hemodialysis client how to monitor fluid status between dialysis treatments. Which action is most important for the client to record daily?
2. Howell-Jolly bodies are seen in?
3. The appendix is located in:-
4. The appendix is usually-
5. A hemicolectomy results in the-
6. The term ischaemia refers to:
7. Segmentectomy:
8. How many lobes does the Right lung have?
9. The mediastinum contains the:
10. Haemothorax is:
11. The study of blood is called:
12. India's national health policy was approved in the parlement in ?
13. The measure of health status of children in a community is ?
14. Which of the following food constituents are more required by pregnant women ?
15. The antidote of magnesium sulphate ?
16. Sprin is due to ?
17. Urinary bladders is lined with ?
18. Which of the following signs and symptoms indicates salicylate toxicity ?
19. Vitamin need for the healthy Visibility ?
20. Which of the following is a common symptom of active tuberculosis ?