Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 3

1. Vitamin supplementation needed after gastrectomy is-
2. Common problem in the acute phase of hepatitis A
3. Normal CSF contain all among the following except-
4. Normal level of glucose in CSF is-
5. Earliest sign of Myasthenia gravis is-
6. Which among the following helps to find the extent of Myasthenia gravis-
7. Earliest sign in Parkinson disease
8. Post operative position given after stapedectomy-
9. Normal range of ICP is-
10. If half of the body is paralyzed then it is known as-
11. If all the four Limbs are paralysed then it is now as-
12. If both lower Limbs are paralyzed then it is know as-
13. Guillian Barre syndrome affects-
14. Intracranial hemorrhage most common occurs in-
15. Earliest feature of Alzheimer disease is-
16. Pupillary constriction is controlled by cranial nerve
17. Nerve involved in foot drop is-
18. Which of the following compilations should the nurse carefully monitors a client with acute pancreatitis?
19. After gastroscopy, an adaptation that indicates major complication would be:
20. Nurse Trisha teaches a client with heart failure to take oral Furosemide in the morning. The reason for this is to help…