Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 4

1. A female client is experiencing painful and rigid abdomen and is diagnosed with perforated peptic ulcer. A surgery has been scheduled and a nasogastric tube is inserted. The nurse should place the client before surgery in
2. Which of the following symptoms during the icteric phase of viral hepatitis should the nurse expect the client to inhibit?
3. A client suffered from a lower leg injury and seeks treatment in the emergency room. There is a prominent deformity to the lower aspect of the leg, and the injured leg appears shorter than the other leg. The affected leg is painful, swollen and beginning to become ecchymotic. The nurse interprets that the client is experiencing:
4. Mrs. Chua a 78-year-old client is admitted with the diagnosis of mild chronic heart failure. The nurse expects to hear when listening to client’s lungs indicative of chronic heart failure would be:
5. Patrick who is hospitalized following a myocardial infarction asks the nurse why he is taking morphine. The nurse explains that morphine:
6. A female client is taking Cascara Sagrada. Nurse Betty informs the client that the following maybe experienced as side effects of this medication:
7. Nurse Lucy is planning to give preoperative teaching to a client who will be undergoing rhinoplasty. Which of the following should be included?
8. Paul is admitted to the hospital due to metabolic acidosis caused by Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). The nurse prepares which of the following medications as an initial treatment for this problem?
9. A client who has been diagnosed with hypertension is being taught to restrict intake of sodium. The nurse would know that the teachings are effective if the client states that…
10. During the first several hours after a cardiac catheterization, it would be most essential for nurse Cherry to…
11. A 68-year-old client is diagnosed with a right-sided brain attack and is admitted to the hospital. In caring for this client, the nurse should plan to:
12. Among the following signs and symptoms, which would most likely be present in a client with mitral regurgitation?
13. What would be the primary goal of therapy for a client with pulmonary edema and heart failure?
14. Which of the following should the nurse teach the client about the signs of digitalis toxicity?
15. Nurse Linda is caring for a client with head injury and monitoring the client with decerebrate posturing. Which of the following is a characteristic of this type of posturing?
16. Jerry has diagnosed with appendicitis. He develops a fever, hypotension, and tachycardia. The nurse suspects which of the following complications?
17. In reducing the risk of endocarditis, good dental care is an important measure. To promote good dental care in client with mitral stenosis in teaching plan should include proper use of…
18. Dr. Marquez orders a continuous intravenous nitroglycerin infusion for the client suffering from myocardial infarction. Which of the following is the most essential nursing action?
19. Nurse Perry is evaluating the renal function of a male client. After documenting urine volume and characteristics, Nurse Perry assesses which signs as the best indicator of renal function.
20. George who has undergone thoracic surgery has chest tube connected to a water-seal drainage system attached to suction. Presence of excessive bubbling is identified in water-seal chamber, the nurse should…