Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 7

1. Serial HCG Test is used to diagnose the following condition?
2. Endemic flurosis occurs when fluorine present in water-
3. Which among the following data will give more accurate information regarding an end stage renal disease client's fluid status
4. Gradual increase in rate and depth of respiration is known as-
5. Smokey brown colour urine suggest the presence of ----------in urine?
6. Straining during defecation causes-
7. The most reliable way to assess the respiratory status of a patient is-
8. Level of consciousness of a client is assess using
9. The term gavage indicates- Option
10. Appropriate distance to be maintained between eye and dropper while instilling eye drops is-
11. In ABG analysis, which parameters are assessed
12. The incision site of tracheostomy are
13. Patient with colostomy should be advised to eat-
14. A major causative organism for peptic ulcer is-
15. The most common early symptom of laryngeal cancer is-
16. All of the following factors increases gastric motility
17. The most common AIDS related neoplasm is
18. Which of the following characteristics indicates protein deficiency in a client- Option
19. The light sensitive and pigmented layer of tissue in the eye is- Option
20. .............bladder is expected when a patient is experiencing spinal shock- Option