Medical Surgical Nursing Test - 8

1. The nurse received a patient from cath lab following cardiac catheterisation which among the following is the priority nursing action?
2. Complication of bronchiectasis is-
3. Identify the pulmonary consolidation among the following-
4. Highest oxygen concentration will be delivered by-
5. Jadu is suffering from peptic ulcer, during his discharge counselling educate her to avoid-
6. Which of the following is a complication of splenectomy?
7. Pre operative OT for appendectomy NOT includes-
8. Amount of blood filtered in renal capsule per minute is known as- Option
9. The sensation of pain that is described most commonly by the patients with angina is-
10. The first choice of drug for treating MI?
11. Which of the following drug is used to prevent blood clotting during hemodialysis procedure
12. Dopamine is preferred in the management of shock, because it-
13. The effect of the drug on parasympathetic function declines rapidly in all organs except
14. Exposure to noise above which of the following db level causes permanent hearing loss
15. Which among the following activity need to be restricted in a client with Parkinson's disease?
16. A child is diagnosed with wilm's tumor during assessment, the nurse expects to detect
17. Identify the incorrect statement related to mongolian spot in new-born baby-
18. Bag mask ventilation is contraindicated to
19. Perinatal transmission of HIV means all excep
20. What action should the nurse consider when counseling a client of the Amish tradition?