Paediatric Nursing Test - 1

1. Maximum development of brain Occur at-
2. Bone dysplasia is due to-
3. Hormone responsible for skeletal maturation of foetus -
4. Percentage of polio infection which are asymptomatic-
5. A child's takes self decisions at the age of-
6. The reference protein is-
7. A newborn failure to pass meconium with in the first 24 hours after birth may indicate which of the following-
8. A Child presents to the emergency room with the history of ingesting a large amount of acetaminophen for which of the following would the nurse assess-
9. The nurse is aware that the most common assessment finding in a child with ulcerative colitis is-
10. Failure of the foramen ovale to close with cause what congenital heart disease-
11. A fetus has fine downy hair which is called-
12. Neonate of diabetics mother is at risk for all of the following except-
13. In children which disease occur due to protein deficiency-
14. BCG vaccine is given to prevent-
15. In children which is the most appropriate route for measuring temperature-
16. Anterior fontanella is ossified in-
17. In following which vaccine is given at birth by intra dermal route-
18. Booster dose of DPT is given at-
19. Which of the following fontanella in child is the first to close-
20. When physiological jaundice appear in newborn baby-