Paediatric Nursing Test - 2

1. the apgar scoring is done to appraise the Infant for-
2. Immunoglobulin found in human milk colostrum especially vaginal secretions and tears is-
3. Quickening occur at-
4. Normal fetal Heartbeat is-
5. AIDS is not transmitted from mother to baby-
6. Complication of diabetic mother delivery-
7. Maternity nurse must be aware that screening for diabetes mellitus in pregnancy is done at-
8. Which one of the following is not a described type of female boney pelvis-
9. Secrection of breast after delivery is know-
10. A positive early diagnosis of pregnancy is based on the presence of-
11. Which immunity present in human milk-
12. Iron requirement during normal reproductive age group-
13. Fertilization takes place in fallopian tube in the-
14. First fetal heart sound can be assessed by Doppler-
15. After the membrane rupture what is the priority assessment for the nurse-
16. Movements of the baby felt by the mother are know as-
17. Total weight gain during pregnancy is about-
18. Commonest complication of IUD insertion is-
19. Fertilization occur in-
20. "Pap's smear "is used for screening of which of the following-