Paediatric Nursing Test - 3

1. Contraceptive and pills help in birth control by-
2. Most important components of oral contraceptive agent is-
3. Chronic Gonadotrophin is secreted by-
4. Causative organism of syphilis is-
5. Apgar score is 9 means Baby conduition is-
6. Which sign is severe dehydration-
7. Which vaccine store in freezing compartment-
8. Normally by 1 year of age the birth weight of an infant should increase by-
9. The first stool of neonate is called-
10. The first stool of neonate is called-
11. Cyanosis in a child can be seen in all the places mentioned below except-
12. Molly, with suspected rheumatic fever, is admitted to the pediatric unit. When obtaining the child’s history, the nurse considers which information to be most important?
13. Nurse Analiza is administering a medication via the intraosseous route to a child. Intraosseous drug administration is typically used when a child is:
14. While examining a 2-year-old child, the nurse in charge sees that the anterior fontanel is open. The nurse should:
15. The nurse is aware that the most common assessment finding in a child with ulcerative colitis is:
16. When administering an I.M. injection to an infant, the nurse in charge should use which site?
17. A child with a poor nutritional status and weight loss is at risk for a negative nitrogen balance. To help diagnose this problem, the nurse in charge anticipates that the doctor will order which laboratory test?
18. When developing a plan of care for a male adolescent, the nurse considers the child’s psychosocial needs. During adolescence, psychosocial development focuses on:
19. When developing a plan care for a hospitalized child, nurse Mica knows that children in which age group are most likely to view illness as a punishment for misdeeds?
20. Nurse Sunshine suspects that a child, age 4, is being neglected physically. To best assess the child’s nutritional status, the nurse should ask the parents which question? “Has your child always been so thin?” “Is your child a picky eater?” “What did your child eat for breakfast?” “Do you think your child eats enough?” Question 10 Explanation: The nurse should obtain objective information about the child’s nutritional intake, such as by asking about what the child ate for a specific meal. The other options ask for subjective replies that would be open to interpretation.