Paediatric Nursing Test - 8

1. Nurse Victoria is teaching the parents of a school-age child. Which teaching topic should take priority?
2. The nurse is finishing her shift on the pediatric unit. Because her shift is ending, which intervention takes top priority?
3. A 4-month-old with meningococcal meningitis has just been admitted to the pediatric unit. Which nursing intervention has the highest priority?
4. Sheena, tells the nurse that she wants to begin toilet training her 22-month-old child. The most important factor for the nurse to stress to the mother is:
5. A child is undergoing remission induction therapy to treat leukemia. Allopurinol is included in the regimen. The main reason for administering allopurinol as part of the client’s chemotherapy regimen is to:
6. A 10-year-old client contracted severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) when traveling abroad with her parents. The nurse knows she must put on personal protective equipment to protect herself while providing care. Based on the mode of SARS transmission, which personal protective should the nurse wear?
7. A tuberculosis intradermal skin test to detect tuberculosis infection is given to a high-risk adolescent. How long after the test is administered should the result be evaluated?
8. Nurse Oliver s teaching a mother who plans to discontinue breast-feeding after 5 months. The nurse should advise her to include which foods in her infant’s diet?
9. Gracie, the mother of a 3-month-old infant calls the clinic and states that her child has a diaper rash. What should the nurse advise?
10. Nurse Kelly is teaching the parents of a young child how to handle poisoning. If the child ingests poison, what should the parents do first?
11. Which of the following is most descriptive of the pathophysiology of leukemia?
12. The main purpose of a clinical trial is to:
13. The most common clinical manifestation(s) of brain tumors in children is which of the following?
14. The most common site for osteogenic sarcoma is?
15. Common symptoms of childhood leukemia include?
16. Common symptoms of childhood leukemia include?
17. A school age child with cancer experienced severe nausea and vomiting when receiving chemotherapy the first time. Which of the following is the most appropriate nursing action to prevent or minimize these reactions with subsequent treatments?
18. A child with cancer is admitted to the hospital with a fever of 39.0C and cough. His last round of history included high dose chemotherapy 8 days ago. Which of the following interventions should the nurse do first?
19. According to Erikson, the developmental task of toddlerhood is...
20. A milk formula that you can suggest for avchild with galactosemia.