Community Health Nursing Test - 1

1. A sub center is situated over popultion of-
2. A community health center is situated over population of
3. An anganwadi worker is appointed over a population of
4. In GOBI of UNICEF 'G' refers to
5. Which is the most appropriate time of IUD insertion is
6. Treatment therapy which is used for
7. BCG vaccine is given at-
8. Universal immunization programme was started in-
9. Polio is the mainly infection of-
10. Measles vaccine is a-
11. ASHA full form-
12. Chicken pox is caused due to infection -
13. ASHA not posted at-
14. Temporary hardness of water is removed by-
15. Bullet shaped virus is-
16. Still birth rate includes babies dead after
17. Malaria transmission occurs by-
18. Nurse will advise the mother to isolate the children with measles for
19. In following which disease has been eradicated from all over the world
20. The target Health for all by 200 AD was declared by