Community Health Nursing Test - 10

1. Influenza -A(H1N2) vaccine was approved in the year -
2. Anti-rabies vaccine is made from -
3. Vaccine is contraindicated during pregnancy -
4. Administration of ready-made antibody creates -
5. Measles vaccine Is -
6. Which of the following viral infection is transmitted by Tick-
7. DDT is a-
8. Leading cause of blindness in India is -
9. ESI ACT 1948 was last amended in the year is-
10. Calorie intake of 1year child per kg is-
11. 3D's are the characteristics of deficiency disorder of-
12. Kala azar is transmitted by-
13. Which disease condition is transmitted by Aedes mosquito is-
14. Rabies free zone in India is-
15. Which of the following agent is responsible for Bagassosis -
16. On prescription of oral pills to the user,the health worker will bask about the following Except the-
17. What reaction might occur due to tetanus vaccine is-
18. Which Vitamin is lost during polishing of rice -
19. Census is conducted in India is every year is-
20. First census in India was done in-