Community Health Nursing Test - 11

1. Isolation of a child with measles belongs to what level of prevention?
2. You are a new B.S.N. graduate. You want to become a Public Health Nurse. Where will you apply?
3. Which statistic can give the most accurate reflection of the health status of a community?
4. To describe the sex composition of the population, which demographic tool may be used?
5. You are in a client’s home to attend to a delivery. Which of the following will you do first?
6. Which is the BEST control measure for AIDS?
7. How many percent of measles are prevented by immunization at 9 months age?
8. Trickling filter is used in-
9. ICDS scheme was started in which years-
10. Epidemic dropsy is due to-
11. In niacine deficency all the following are seen except-
12. Maximum amount of Vitamin D is present in which of the following -
13. Population covered by a PHC in a hilly region is-
14. Most recent classification according to WHO for disability is-
15. Newer concept in PHC is-
16. The most common cause of blindness in india is-
17. Which vaccine is contraindicated in pregnancy is-
18. Universal percaution are applied to-
19. In the following which vaccine is not included in the National Immunization Schedule-
20. An Anganwadi worker is trained for-