Community Health Nursing Test - 12

1. In India Rabies free zone is-
2. MTP can be done up to-
3. Live Vaccine is-
4. Universal Immunization programme was started in-
5. In which year was mid-day meal programme started-
6. Which is the commonest side effect of copper-T among the following -
7. Dilunent used for BCG is-
8. Calorie intake of 1-year old child is-
9. International AIDS day is celebrated on-
10. The disease transferred through contact is called-
11. The most common symptom of hyperthyrodism is-
12. Kerning's sign is a striking feature of-
13. Personal barriers in effective communication do not include-
14. Trichomonal infection is caused by-
15. Hook worm penetrates into the body by penetrating the skin of-
16. Diabetic foot is an example of-
17. 'Rice water stool' is a typical finding in cases of -
18. Control of spread of disease is an example of which level of prevention-
19. Human milk is rich in all except-
20. Commonest complication of mumps is-