Community Health Nursing Test - 13

1. Pandemics are caused by-
2. Leprosy affects all except-
3. Alma- Aya Conference was held in-
4. Epidemiological triad are all except-
5. Pea soup stool is the feature of-
6. The cause of maternal mortality rate include of-
7. SARS is a-
8. Immunization is the which type of level of prevention-
9. Example of natural disinfectant is-
10. The temperature of hot air oven is about-
11. MMR Vaccine provides protection against all of the following disease except-
12. What do you means by incidence-
13. The full form of abbreviation ICDS is-
14. Frozen DPT vaccine should be-
15. When was the first round of pulse polio immunization started-
16. Who is the chairman of health survey and planning committee-
17. Strategies of Rural health missions Will help in which the following of-
18. In following which committee also known as health survey and development committee-
19. Typhoid fever is a-
20. Which of the following disease is not transmitted by airborne droplets-