Community Health Nursing Test - 14

1. Still birth rate includes death of babies (fetus)after-
2. The natural method of contraception is-
3. In following which is not a water borne disease-
4. Chlorinated lime is known as-
5. Opv was discovered in-
6. Oxygen saturation is measured by-
7. Object of community identification are-
8. Demographic data can be obtained from-
9. Which are the most important vital events rates-
10. Which of the following community characteristics have impact on the community health status-
11. Which is the correct one "theory of emotion"?
12. Registration of pregnant women within 12 weaks is the primary responsibility of
13. Outbreak of disease in bird population-
14. Negri bodies were found in which disease condition?
15. As per RCH, The first referral unit is-----
16. Following are the elements of primary health care, except
17. Scotch tape swab is used to identify-
18. Among the following secondary prevention of TB is-
19. Partoghraph is a composite graphical record which gives information of all the following expect:
20. Which of the following does not belong to a project aid?