Community Health Nursing Test - 16

1. The value of highest frequency in the data is -
2. Following are the dimensions of health except-
3. A feeding problem among nursing managment-
4. Following are the dimensions of health except-
5. The physician has ordered a histoplasmosis test for the elderly client. The nurse is aware that histoplasmosis is transmitted to humans by:
6. The BEST time to prepare for a disaster is:
7. Efficiency of measles vaccine is
8. Sex ratio is defined as
9. Epidemiological triad contains all except
10. Disease rate is
11. Herd immunity is important in all except
12. All prevents maternal fetal transmission of HIV except
13. Which of the following is not a killed vaccine?
14. A freshly prepared oral dehydration solution should not be used after
15. Population count is taken on
16. Crude Birth Rate denominator is
17. ‘Nuisance mosquito’ refers to
18. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, the highest level is
19. Which nursing theorist believes that most patients are capable of performing self care?
20. World Health Day is observed on