Community Health Nursing Test - 17

1. Alfred binet is associated with-
2. World environment day is
3. World tuberculosis day is observed on-
4. The most important initial step when developing a research study is to:
5. A nursing researcher determines that there is little information about the use of complementary practices in treating obesity. This represents the research:
6. In a research proposal, the researcher states that the proposed study will explore children’s feelings about chemotherapy side effects. This statement describes the:
7. Which is included in a statement of a research study purpose?
8. The statements in the introductory paragraphs of a research report that cite results of previous studies about a research problem represent the:
9. The nurse researcher states that a research purpose is to measure the effects of bar code medication administration on medication errors. This is a study purpose for which type of research?
10. A statement about the significance of a study describes the:
11. A reviewer assesses a potential researcher’s credentials and experience, the availability of funding and resources, and ethical considerations of a potential study. This represents evaluation of a study’s:
12. In a research proposal, the author describes what is already known about the research topic. This would be included in the discussion of the study’s:
13. Which component of a research study is exemplified in the statement, “This study identifies various themes associated with parenting children who have chronic disease?”
14. The statement, “Do patients who receive care in a Patient-Centered Medical Home have fewer emergency department visits than those who do not?” is an example of a research:
15. All of the following aspects of a research proposal are part of the research hypothesis except:
16. The statement, “In this study, elevated blood glucose is a value greater than 110 mg/dL,” is an example of a(n):
17. Which is an important feature of a testable hypothesis?
18. Which statement differentiates research variables from research concepts?
19. A researcher wishes to study the effects of a low-fat diet on self-esteem, weight, and energy levels among obese women over age 40. Which is the independent variable in this study?
20. To reduce or eliminate the influence of environmental variables on study results, the researcher may: