Community Health Nursing Test - 18

1. Which is true about an operational variable in quantitative research?
2. In a qualitative study, which is true about the definition of research concepts?
3. Which type of variable is used in a summary of sample characteristics?
4. An examination of the researcher’s plan for using measurement tools to examine relationships among variables helps determine the:
5. In a research proposal, a statement about expected relationships among variables is the:
6. A reviewer assesses a potential researcher’s credentials and experience, the availability of funding and resources, and ethical considerations of a potential study. This represents evaluation of a study’s-
7. In a research proposal, a statement about expected relationships among variables is the-
8. A nursing researcher determines that there is little information about the use of complementary practices in treating obesity. This represents the research
9. In a research proposal, the researcher states that the proposed study will explore children’s feelings about chemotherapy side effects. This statement describes the-
10. Which is included in a statement of a research study purpose?
11. The statements in the introductory paragraphs of a research report that cite results of previous studies about a research problem represent the-
12. The nurse researcher states that a research purpose is to measure the effects of bar code medication administration on medication errors. This is a study purpose for which type of research-
13. A researcher develops a study to examine various phenomena that contribute to theory development. This is an example of which type of research?
14. A researcher conducts a study to examine the feelings of cancer patients at various points during their disease, including at diagnosis, when beginning chemotherapy, and during remission. Which type of study will the researcher use for this study?
15. When designing a study, which has the greatest influence as a researcher decides which type of qualitative study design to use?
16. Which qualitative study will call for an exploratory-descriptive study approach?
17. A researcher utilizes an emic approach in a research study in order to:
18. When conducting historical research about the experiences of women refugees from the Sudan, the researcher interviews women who served as nurses among this population. These nurses represent
19. Which is true about data analysis in a qualitative study?
20. A researcher classifies words and phrases that occur in data collected in a qualitative study. This process is called-