Community Health Nursing Test - 19

1. The incubation period of poliomyelitis?
2. The Employees state insurance(ESI) Act was passed by the Govt. of India in the year?
3. The National Health Committee which is commonly known as the “Health Survey and Planning Committee” is?.
4. Fourteen principles of administration were proposed by?
5. Isolation of a child with measles belongs to what level of prevention?
6. A process that informs, the motivates and help people to adopt and maintain healthy practices and lifestyle is?
7. A school nurse is performing annual scoliosis screenings. The nurse should assess students for all signs EXCEPT
8. A Group of related ideas or statements is called-
9. The polio virus enters in the body by
10. The rashes of the chicken pox first appear on
11. The full form of AEFI
12. The course for Community Health Officer is
13. Gold-standard in confirming the diagnosis of malaria is
14. The constant presence of disease within a geographic area is known as
15. The term refers to all current cases existing at a point/period of time in a given population is known as
16. Recruitment, selection, development , utilisation and accommodation of human resources by organisation is called as what?
17. Components of in-service education are as follows except:
18. In the communication process, a receiver is-
19. A written order for supplies and equipment or for their repair is
20. Simple random sampling is a type of