Community Health Nursing Test - 2

1. Causative organism of chicken pox is
2. Which is not the element of communication
3. Word health day is celebrated on
4. Montoux test is to determine
5. ESI act-
6. What is the meaning of census report in the hospital
7. Site of BCG vaccination is
8. WHO-ORS packet include all except-
9. Dengue fever is caused by a
10. The best methd of disposal of hospital waste is
11. Stage of malaria fever includes all except
12. Which is the patient clinical record
13. Kala azar disease related to-
14. WHO was establised on
15. Platelet count decrease in
16. Commonest complication of mumps is
17. Health survey anddevelopment committee is
18. The commonest cause of maternal morbidity in india is
19. Rice water stool-
20. In hospital waste management. Plastic bag of which colour is not used