Community Health Nursing Test - 3

1. Bhore committee was appointed in
2. The commonest side effect of IUDS is
3. Epidemiology means
4. OPV was discovered by
5. Cause of high infent mortality rate is
6. Function of PHC include
7. A packet of oral contraceptive pills should be started on
8. Duration of post natal period is
9. National diabetes control program was initiated in
10. Preventive measures of AIDS are
11. In which year mid-day meal program was started
12. Maternal mortility rate is expressed in term of
13. National rural health mission was started in
14. Negria bodies are seen in
15. The best method for refuse disposal is
16. Goal of national health policy 2002 is
17. ESI act protects the rights of
18. Waste sharp such as needles,syringes and bloods kept in-
19. Non infectious material is kept in
20. ASHA skim has been started under