Community Health Nursing Test - 4

1. Measles vaccine should be used within the following time after reconstitution
2. The ovum is released from the ovary on which day of menstural cycle
3. Mid day meal program was started in
4. The national water supply and sanitation program was started in
5. Causitive organisms of syphilis is
6. Incubation period of hepatitis B is
7. Hydrophobia means
8. 90% of polio virus infected case have
9. Ascariasis is the infection of
10. Characteristic features of tetanus is
11. Enteric fever is also known as
12. Sleeping sickness is transmitted by
13. DOTs is given to treat
14. Measles is a disease of mainly
15. Cholera is a
16. Yellow fever is a
17. Immunity means-
18. Mode of transmission of cholera is-
19. Malaria mainly affects-
20. Causative organism of plague is-