Community Health Nursing Test - 5

1. In india most of malaria case are reported due to-
2. Tetanus is caracterized by-
3. Incubation period of teatanus is-
4. In following which is antiretroviral drug is-
5. The immunity develops following clinical infection is known as-
6. During laproscopic operation which gas is used for abdominal distention-
7. World health day is celebrated on-
8. In which is the sterilisation method of male-
9. The noise level best for normal conversation is-
10. UNICEF was established in-
11. Chickengunya fever is transmitted by-
12. One ASHA coverthe population is-
13. On which day international AIDS day is celebration every year is-
14. Which of the following is a live vaccine-
15. Which of the following is a waterborne disease is-
16. The disease Filaria is caused by-
17. Red Cross society was founded by-
18. Vector of Kala azar is-
19. Pertusis is known as:
20. The vaccination was first performed by: