Community Health Nursing Test - 7

1. In a hospital waste human tissue and body parts are discarded?
2. Nosocomial infection are also known as?
3. Among the vaccines, polio is the most sensitive to heat, requiring storage at:
4. After prepration measles vaccine should be used?
5. The system of storing and transporting vaccines is terms as:
6. How many elements are there in communication?
7. In the process of communication, the process by which the receiver deciphers:
8. Communication process is influenced by execpt?
9. Post pill amenorrhea is treated by?
10. Ideal contraceptive for recently married couple?
11. The best time of menstrual cycle for enctometrial biopsy in infertility investigations is-
12. Which of the following method of contraception can prevent sexually transmitted disease?
13. Commonest complication of IUD insertion is?
14. Which date is the international Women's day observed every year?
15. Case finding in RNTCP is based on-
16. Period of maximum infectivity in mumps is during?
17. Immunization is a method of?
18. "Rice water stool" is a typical finding in cases of?
19. Polio is the mainly infection of?
20. Patient comes to primary health care center with signs of colotting problem, a community health nurse suspects the deficiency of?