Community Health Nursing Test - 8

1. ASHA(accredited social health activist) work at?
2. Diluent used for BCG is?
3. In triage yellow colour indicate?
4. The correct colour code triage system of disaster patient are as under?
5. All of the following information are sought in the well baby clinic EXCEPT?
6. A comperhensive health assessment of an older person includes?
7. The vaccine administered as'Nose drop' is-
8. Leprosy affects all except -
9. A fresh prepared ORS solution should not be used after-
10. MTP can be done up to-
11. The common causes of material mortality in India is-
12. ORS doesn't contain -
13. In case of dog bite should be observed for at last-
14. Dengue fever vector is-
15. One table of chlorine is efficient to chlorinate how many liters of water-
16. Which of the following milk has practically no Iron content -
17. Universal Immunisation programme was started in-
18. Mid- day meal programme started in-
19. In HIV maximum risk of transmission is by-
20. Most common drug resistance in TB in India is-