Community Health Nursing Test - 9

1. Antirabies Vaccine is prepared from-
2. Which Immunization produces a permanent scare-
3. In India"Rabies -free zone is-
4. Finger print Bureau was established in-
5. Which drug may cause "Great baby syndrome"
6. Which of the following antitubercular drug should not be used in pregnancy -
7. The most common complications of Mumps in children is-
8. IQ level between 50-70 would be classified as what kind of mental retardation is-
9. Which is the commonest side effects of copper -T among the following -
10. Negri bodies found in hippocampus are diagnostic sign of-
11. Pandemic are caused by-
12. JSY stands for-
13. The population covered by a PHC in a hilly region is
14. Koplik's spot's are seen in-
15. Extra intake for lactating mother
16. The extra energy allowance needed per day during pregnancy are-
17. The functional unit of the community is-
18. Which of them spread by percutaneous route-
19. Gallow's traction is used for-
20. Mode of spread of whooping cough is-