Psychiatric Nursing Test - 10

1. Which factors are associated with the development of post-traumatic stress disorder?
2. A selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor targets which part of the brain?
3. When developing a lecture series for nursing home residents, the psychiatric and mental health nurse considers which factor to be the primary barrier to learning?
4. False sensory perception not associated with real external stimuli is called
5. Personality disorder in which an individual suspects that other people will harm him, is___
6. In following which is not a disturbance of consciousness___
7. Delirium is a disorder of___
8. Hallucination is a disorder of__
9. Disorder of consciousness in which patient remains motionless and mute, is___
10. Disorder of motor activity in which the person constantly maintains a position without any movement is___
11. A mental disorder characterized by stereotype speech is_
12. Perception of a stimulus in the absence of an actual stimulus is known as ___
13. The type of delusion most commonly seen in manic patients is__
14. Which type of delusional disorder commonly found in paranoid schizophrenia___
15. Leo Kanner is known for his studies on:
16. When maintaining accurate records in situations of suspected abuse, the nurse should document:
17. What nursing action would be most effective in changing the behavior of a child diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHA)?
18. A patient percieves that his face is distorted and his hand are becoming long. The term used to explain this condition is:
19. A client expressess the belief that armed forces are out to kill him. This is an example of:
20. Hippocrates classified mental disorders in to: