Psychiatric Nursing Test - 11

1. The "York Retreat" for mentally ill was started by:
2. A man is admitted to the nursing care unit with a diagnosis of cirrhosis. He has a long history of alcohol dependence. During the late evening following his admission, he becomes increasingly disoriented and agitated. Which of the following would the client be least likely to experience?
3. Which of the following would best indicate to the nurse that a depressed client is improving?
4. The nurse is discussing electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) with a client who asks how long it will be before she feels better. The nurse explains that the beneficial effects of ECT usually occur within
5. A 34-year-old woman is admitted for treatment of depression. Which of these symptoms would the nurse be least likely to find in the initial assessment?
6. When planning the therapeutic milieu, it is MOST important to select group activities which
7. The nurse is caring for a severely depressed client who has just been admitted to the in-client psychiatric unit. Which of the following is a PRIORITY of care?
8. A student nurse is caring for a 75-year-old client who is very confused. The student’s communication tools should include:
9. How long should a depressive episode last for it to be considered for diagnosis?
10. The following are correct nursing interventions for patients with major depression, except:
11. The most serious complication of depression?
12. Which of the following is a most common cause of dementia?
13. Which is not a psycho-social therapy?
14. Which term used for chroninc mood disturbance involving numerous episodes of hypomania and depressed mood of insufficient severity or duration to meet the criteria of bipolar disorder?
15. In which type of depression is having all subtypes like mild, moderate , or severe form of depression ?
16. Disorder of consciousness in which patient remains motionless and mute, is called as _____?
17. Which symptoms are usually reffered as "walkies and talkies"?
18. Following options are common signs of depression except ______?
19. Abnormal sensitivity to light is known is-
20. Drug of choice in brest carcinoma-