Psychiatric Nursing Test - 12

1. Common form of ECT used in the hospital is-
2. Mask like face is typical feature of -
3. Alfred Binet is associated with-
4. In following which is note an example of opioid-
5. What is the main side effect of ECT-
6. "Flight of body" is know as-
7. Revised name of the multiple personality is
8. Fear of going outside to open space is called as-
9. Indian mental health act was passed in the year
10. Average dose of electric current to obtain adequate seizure response is ......... in ........second-
11. Absolute contraindication for ECT is-
12. Which is NOT a positive sign seen in schizophrenia-
13. Delusion is a disorder of-
14. The first drug of choice for a patient admitted with status epilepticus is-
15. In ECT the intensity of Electric current is between-
16. Which one of these is used in bed wetting in children-
17. The antidote of Morphine overdoes is-
18. Mirage is an example of-
19. Illusion is a -
20. In Opium overdose,naloxone is administered as-