Psychiatric Nursing Test - 6

1. Nurse Patricia is aware that the major health complication associated with intractable anorexia nervosa would be?
2. Nurse Monet is caring for a female client who has suicidal tendency. When accompanying the client to the restroom, Nurse Monet should…
3. A characteristic that would suggest to Nurse Anne that an adolescent may have bulimia would be:
4. Nurse Trish is working in a mental health facility; the nurse priority nursing intervention for a newly admitted client with bulimia nervosa would be to?
5. When planning the discharge of a client with chronic anxiety, Nurse Chris evaluates achievement of the discharge maintenance goals. Which goal would be most appropriately having been included in the plan of care requiring evaluation?
6. To establish open and trusting relationship with a female client who has been hospitalized with severe anxiety, the nurse in charge should?
7. Which of the following foods would the nurse Trish eliminate from the diet of a client in alcohol withdrawal?
8. A 32 year old male graduate student, who has become increasingly withdrawn and neglectful of his work and personal hygiene, is brought to the psychiatric hospital by his parents. After detailed assessment, a diagnosis of schizophrenia is made. It is unlikely that the client will demonstrate:
9. Conney with borderline personality disorder who is to be discharge soon threatens to “do something” to herself if discharged. Which of the following actions by the nurse would be most important?
10. Nurse Tina is caring for a client with delirium and states that “look at the spiders on the wall”. What should the nurse respond to the client?
11. Nurse Perry is aware that language development in autistic child resembles:
12. To further assess a client’s suicidal potential. Nurse Katrina should be especially alert to the client expression of:
13. "Profound mentally retarded"-when the IQ Score is
14. The 'ectomorphy personality body type"-which is the correct
15. Who has classified Type A and Type B personality
16. Thinking is also referred as-
17. In a situation, in which a person is faced with demands from two or more roles
18. OCD is best managed with which of the following psychotherapy:
19. Creating imaginary events to fill up the memory gap is known as-
20. The part of mind that distinguish right from wrong & acts as censor of behaviour is known as