Psychiatric Nursing Test - 9

1. Which of the following would Nurse Hazel expect to assess for a client who is exhibiting late signs of heroin withdrawal?
2. When planning care for a female client using ritualistic behavior, Nurse Gina must recognize that the ritual:
3. Nurse Anna can minimize agitation in a disturbed client by?
4. Mario is complaining to other clients about not being allowed by staff to keep food in his room. Which of the following interventions would be most appropriate?
5. Nurse Tina is caring for a client with delirium and states that “look at the spiders on the wall”. What should the nurse respond to the client?
6. A client has come into the emergency room complaining about being followed and that people are trying to kill them. The nurse reviews the clients medications and notes the client is likely to have schizophrenia based on which medication?
7. A patient with catatonic schizophrenia is in the hospital on the mental health unit. The patient has not moved for 3 days. Which of the following nursing interventions best demonstrates that the nurse is upholding the patients safety in this situation?
8. A psychiatric and mental health nurse is working with a family who is undergoing group therapy. Which action from the nurse best demonstrates the view of the family as a unit?
9. A patient is admitted to the psychiatric unit after a suicide attempt. The nurse plans to write a suicide prevention contract. To promote compliance and build a trusting relationship with the patient, the contract should
10. A 3-year-old and her parents check into the emergency room. The parents are complaining that the babysitter is abusing their child. What action should the nurse take first?
11. A 7-year-old patient with cystic fibrosis dies unexpectedly. After the death, the staff closest to the patient have trouble coping. Who should be consulted to help the nursing staff cope?
12. The nurse's patient with panic disorder is crying and hyperventilating and states "Everything is falling apart!" What should be the nurse's priority action?
13. Which of the following therapy techniques attempts to change a patient’s thought processes and behaviors through problem-solving and conscious evaluation of beliefs about the self?
14. A patient being admitted to the ICU asks why he must sign a document stating his wishes regarding life support. Which of the following is the best response?
15. A psychiatric nurse is discharging a patient whom the nurse finds charming and very intelligent. What is the appropriate response when the patient asks for the nurse's phone number?
16. To evaluate whether patient teaching for coping skills has been effective, the psychiatric and mental health nurse asks an adolescent patient to:
17. Nursing staff members at a community mental health center are formulating an outpatient treatment plan with a 30-year-old patient with schizophrenia. A major consideration is that:
18. A supervisor observes inconsistency in the psychiatric and mental health nurse's behavior toward a patient; the nurse is unreasonably concerned, overly kind, or irrationally hostile. The most appropriate explanation is that the nurse is displaying:
19. In which circumstance is a breach of patient confidentiality appropriate?
20. Older adults have reached Erikson's developmental stage of ego integrity, when they: