Microbiology Test - 1

1. Father of microbiology-
2. Sleep sickness which is caused by tryponosomabrucei is transmitted by the-
3. Causative organism of chicken pox-
4. The interval blow exposure to infection and the appearance of the 1stymptoms k/A
5. All microorganisms-
6. Which one of the disease is not caused by an acid fast bacilli(AFB)-
7. The optimum temperature for the growth of most pathogenic bacteria is-
8. Inoculating loop is sterilized by-
9. Multi-stage sampling is also know as-
10. Concept of one to one relationship between agent and disease is explained by-
11. Which of the following microorganism stain well-
12. Autoclaving a means of sterilization will destroy-
13. Pathogenic organism are-
14. HIV virus belongs to which of the following group-
15. The most often cells form blood infection by HIV is-
16. Immunity means-
17. Trichomonal infection is caused by -
18. In following which is a vector borne disease-
19. In following which is not sterilized by antiseptic solution-
20. The causative organism of tuberculosis is-