Microbiology Test - 10

1. Cell theory includes all of the following except
2. The five-kingdom system of classification was set up by
3. The membranes of which domains are chemically the most similar?
4. Primary differences between cilia and flagella are
5. All membranes of free-living organisms have phospholipid bilayers, but exception is
6. All of the following are features of prokaryotes except
7. Which of the following structures is the smallest?
8. Which of the following is/are included in Kingdom Prokaryotae?
9. Which of the following may account for the small size of the cells?
10. Genetic and biochemical similarities between contemporary cyanobacteria and eukaryotic chloroplasts are accepted to mean that
11. Which of the following best represents the hierarchy of levels of biological classification?
12. "Primary immune response"-the correct statement is
13. "Klebs Loeffler bacillus" is the name of
14. The term-'Cultural diffusion"-which is the correct one?
15. Transport host is one which -
16. Chain of spreading of malaria is-
17. Diaper rashes most commonly caused by
18. Which of the following is the organism that causes peptic ulcer disease?
19. Symptom exhibit during icteric phase of viral hepatitis
20. The mode of human to human transmission of Ebola Virus Disease