Microbiology Test - 2

1. Asepsis means-
2. Widal test is performed-
3. Stain used to identify Acid- fast bacilli is-
4. For effective sterilization steam in an autoclave should be at a pressure of 15 pounds per square inch for 30 minutes and at a temperature of-
5. Benedict’s test in a urine sample is done for detection of-
6. Which infection serotype of dengue virus is most dangerous-
7. Life cycle of malaria parasite was first described by-
8. “Klebs loeffer bacillus”is the name of which of the following bacteria-
9. The diagnose meningitis which type of sample collection-
10. Tuberculin test is based on-
11. Who is the father of modern microbiology-
12. Streptomycin antibiotic was discovered by-
13. Who discovered the antibiotic penicillin-
14. The staining technique which gives different colour to different bacteria is called-
15. Method of transmission of syphilis is-
16. BCG is a-
17. Typhoid fever is caused by-
18. Which of the following disease is also known as Hansen’s disease
19. Plasmodium is an organism of group-
20. Passive immunity is obtained by injecting-