Microbiology Test - 3

1. Mantoux test is use to detect-
2. A unit of inheritance found on chromosomes is termed as-
3. In DNA structure adenine is linked with-
4. In following which test is also know as “Tuberculin test”-
5. Causative organism of AIDS is know as-
6. In following which method is used to diagnose AIDS-
7. Rabies virus is a-
8. Trachoma is the infection of-
9. Which is the most common cause of enteric fever-
10. HIV is a-
11. Koplik's spots are seen in-
12. In following which is vector borne disease-
13. Causative organism of meningitis is-
14. Which of the following microorganisms has not been linked to UTI's?
15. Which of the following signs and symptoms is not linked to Haemophilus influenzae?
16. Which of the following microorganisms stain well?
17. Which of the following is the most important structure related to microbial attachment to cells?
18. Viruses require __________ for growth.
19. The chromosome of almost all bacteria is in the shape of
20. The class of immunoglobulins which can cross the placenta is