Microbiology Test - 6

1. The vaccine usually given to pilgrims to the middle East is?
2. Result of mantoux test is read after?
3. Viruses require for growth?
4. Negri bodies are found in cells infected with?
5. Karmen type catheter is used in condition?
6. ......is the disease that can be caused due to infected milk?
7. All the following are associated with increased chamce of acquiring HIV infection in women EXCEPT-
8. Methods of sterilisation for articles used into dressing -
9. The pressure set into autoclave for sterilisation is?
10. An autoclave is used for?
11. The most popular and useful method for sterilisation is ?
12. A nurse can decontaminate HIV contaminated product with the following except -
13. The solution is disinfectant the bed linen of HIV positive patients is-
14. Cresol,lysol and chloroxylenol are-
15. Gas gangrene is caused by-
16. Cytokines are chemical messengers which-
17. Inoculating loot in sterilized by-
18. The gas which is used for fumigation of operation threatre-
19. Endoscope sterilize-
20. Robert koch discovered the etiologic agent of-