Microbiology Test - 7

1. A person so production to interferon in his body the possibility is that he has got an infection of-
2. Which one of the following is a DNA virus-
3. A patient had an indwelling urinary catheter for 48 hours in the peri-operative period on revisit after one week he has a urinary tract infection this infection is called-
4. Cytokines are chemical messengers which-
5. Group of HIV virus-
6. Common type of nosocomial infection is-
7. Eusol is used for-
8. Kerning's sign is a striking feature of-
9. Koplik's spot's is the typical sign of-
10. 'Klebs Loeffer bacillus ' is the name of which of the following bacteria -
11. Bacterial structure involved in respiration is-
12. Mycobacterium tuberculosis is also known as-
13. HIV Is -
14. Rather of modern Microbiology is-
15. Acute Hepatitis B infection is best diagnosed by-
16. Which antibody is responsible for allergic response -
17. Dental caries are caused by-
18. The causative agent of plague is-
19. Immunoglobulins that is inactivated at high temperature is-
20. Endoscopes are by-