Nutrition Test - 1

1. Enzyme which help in digestion of fat-
2. Disease kwashiorkor is caused due to deficiency of-
3. Daily requirment of ca+ during pregnancy is-
4. Ascorbic acid is a-
5. Best test of detection iron deficiency in community is-
6. Saturated fatty acid are all except-
7. Diarrrhoea dermatitis and depration are symtoms of-
8. Pernicious anemia occurs due to deficiency of-
9. Which of the following vitamin is soluble in water-
10. All the macro-nutrients except -
11. Deficiency of Vitamin C cause-
12. The disease whish is characterized by 3D's is-
13. Viamin B12 is also known as-
14. Government of India adopted national nutrinitional policy in-
15. How much present of fluid is found in a infant's body-
16. The average total water loss from the body daily is-
17. Out of total body water the intracellular fluid contains-
18. Vitamin B12 is not found in-
19. Cholesterol is a-
20. Iron is mostly absorbed from-