Nutrition Test - 10

1. The building blocks of proteins are polymers of?
2. Recommended protein requirements of an average adult male person?
3. Malnutrition comprises of following forms except?
4. Which of the following is an example of primary poverty disease?
5. Which disease is caused is caused by the deficiency of protein?
6. How much calories will produce during the fat break down metabolism?
7. Which nutrient deficiency is main reason for microcytic anemia?
8. How much B.M.I or Body mass index score for obesity?
9. Which type of the following food is rich in omega 3 fatty acids?
10. Which one of the following is known as “ Poor man’s meat”?
11. Which of the following food item believed to be complete meal or balanced diet?
12. Niacin is the chemical name of which Vitamin?
13. Name the Vitamin that protects us from Pellagra disease?
14. Retinol is the scientific name of which Vitamin?
15. Vitamin A was discovered in which year?
16. Liver damage is caused due to the overdose of which vitamin?
17. Name the vitamin which are essential for the health of the brain?
18. Name a substance that makes a vitamin metabolically ineffective?
19. Which of the following nutrients helps for tissue repair?
20. The nurse is conducting an admission assessment of a client with vitamin B12 deficiency. Which finding reinforces the diagnosis of B12 deficiency?