Nutrition Test - 2

1. Anaemia may occur due to deficiency of-
2. Most of body calcium is found in-
3. Night blindness occurs due to deficiency of Vitamin-
4. Excess of fat intake may caused expect-
5. Source of protein includes-
6. The word Nutritous means-
7. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 may cause-
8. Sunlight is the importance souce of-
9. Vitamin B1 is also known as-
10. Goiter is caused due deficiency of-
11. Highest biological value of protein is seen In-
12. Korskoff's psychosis and wernick's encephalopathy occurs due to deficiency of-
13. Daily requirment of folic acid for adult is-
14. Daily requiment of folic in acid for pregnant women is-
15. How much energy is recommendation for a reference Indian man (60kg) doing heavy work-
16. How much extra kcal of energy is required in a pregnant mother is-
17. In the following which is not a nutritional deficency disease-
18. The nutrient essential for maintenance of osmotic pressure is-
19. Vitamina-C is also know as-
20. Beri-beri may occur due to deficiency of-