Nutrition Test - 3

1. Function of iron is-
2. Daily requirment of foli acid for adult is-
3. Milk is very poor source of-
4. The plasma contains-
5. Which of the following vitamin means affects by cooking-
6. Low carbohydrate diet is recommended for-
7. The recommended level of fluorid in drinking water is-
8. A man whose body mass index (B.M.I.) is 23 he is-
9. PFA (preventoin of food adulteration act)was passed in-
10. Vitamin was disvoered first time by-
11. One of the condition caused by deficiency of vitamin-A is-
12. One gram of fat provide energy is-
13. One gm of carbohydrate provide energy is-
14. Deficency of niacine is caused-
15. Oestoporosis is caused by deficency of-
16. Liquid diets are used in-
17. The average water loss in urine by adult human is-
18. Atherosclerosis and coronary heart disease may occur because of-
19. Pulses are the best source of-
20. Poor man's meat is known as-