Nutrition Test - 5

1. All of the following statements about vitamin B3 (niacin) are true except:
2. Good source of vitamin D include all except:
3. Whic antibody transfer mother to featus?
4. Scurvy occur due to deficiency of vitamin?
5. Other name of nicotinic acid ?
6. The vitamin that most sensitive of heat?
7. In of following disease are due to overnutrition except?
8. One of the following is not essential amino acid?
9. Which of the following is the best source of calcium?
10. Deficiency of protein in diet leads to?
11. Ascorbic acid is ?
12. Which of the following has highest energy value?
13. The vitamin that is helpful in blood clotting?
14. Fat soluble vitamins is?
15. One gram of protein provide energy is ?
16. Daily Requirements of protein Is per Kilogram of Body weight?
17. The Major Part of Energy comes from?
18. The test Diagnosis for syphilis?
19. All are true regarding Vitamin A EXCEPT-
20. A nurse must aware that eating Maize alone may lead into-