Nutrition Test - 6

1. All the following enzymes are secreted by gastrointestinal system EXCEPT-
2. The typical feature of kwashiorkor is
3. Which vitamin is not found in foods of vegetable origin-
4. Kwashiorkor is primarily-
5. When one or more nutrients are added to the food this is known as-
6. Low calorie diet is given in the following disease-
7. For assessment of nutritional status of the population which method is used-
8. Which of the following is not an essential amino acid
9. In which is not a fat soluble vitamin-
10. Smaller units of protein are called-
11. Vitamin C is-
12. Cheap source of energy in environment is-
13. The nutritional status indicators includes-
14. 'Flag sign' present into-
15. Severe muscles wasting ,growth failure and loss of subcutaneous fat are features of-
16. Mid-day meal programme provides how many calories and proteins per day-
17. Which of the following is rich source of potassium-
18. Green leafy vegetables are rich source of-
19. Vitamin D also known as-
20. Angular stomatitis occurs due to deficiency of-