Nutrition Test - 7

1. Deficiency of niacin cause-
2. A nurse must be aware that eating Maize alone may lead to-
3. Source of folic acid are-
4. Deficiency of vitamin D causes-
5. Vitamin B1 is also known as-
6. Which deficiency disease is also known as"rice cater's" disease-
7. Lactose present in a milk is a-
8. Which of the following lipid has highest association with atherosclerosis-
9. Bitot spot is caused by deficiency of-
10. The following vitamin functions like a steroid hormone is-
11. For planning a balanced diet it is essential to have-
12. In DNA,adenine always base Paris with -
13. Codons are present on-
14. Gout is generally associated with -
15. The colour faeces is due to the presence of-
16. Which of these serum enzyme activities rises 4-8 hours after AMI-
17. Which vitamins act as an antioxidant -
18. The most important buffer present in the RBCs is-
19. Insulin is used to assess the function of -
20. The major Vitamin deficiency in Wernicke's encephalopathy-