Nutrition Test - 8

1. Richest source of triglycerides in Blood -
2. Vitamin K dependent clotting factor are-
3. Vitamins synthesized by intestinal bacteria are-
4. Cobalt is found in-
5. Benedict's reagent will be reduced by all the following substance seen in urine except -
6. Normal urine contains all following,except-
7. The micro mineral present in teeth is-
8. Synthesis of rRNA taken place is-
9. Alcohol is converted into methanol by-
10. In Wilson's disease copper accumulate in all Except -
11. Cholesterol is synthesized from -
12. Ketone bodies in urine are identified by-
13. Thirst is stimulated by-
14. Goitre can be prevented by regular intake of-
15. A woman who intends to get pregnant is generally given supplement is-
16. Which one of the following is not a body building food-
17. Which one of the following is not a micronutrient -
18. BMR is affected by-
19. The average water loss in urine is-
20. Deficiency of the following vitamin causes megaloblastic anaemia -