Nutrition Test - 9

1. Gluconeogenesis is inhibited by-
2. A 42yr old client develops anemia, but the etiology is unknown at this time. During the client's physical assessment, which skin assessment finding would the nurse expect to document?
3. The nurse notes that the client's mouth bleeds after brushing the teeth. Which alternative form of oral care is most appropriate at this time?
4. Jaggery is rich in-
5. "Bery bery " syndrome is caused in which vitamin deficiency?
6. A substance needed by the body for growth, energy, repair and maintenance iscalled a _______________.
7. A diet high in saturated fats can be linked to which of the following?
8. Amylases in saliva begin the breakdown of carbohydrates into __________.
9. A mineral that the body needs to work properly is _____________.
10. Citrus fruits are an excellent source of _______?
11. Which of the following nutrients is needed to build and maintain the structura lcomponents of the body?
12. Which of the following nutrients is known as the sunshine vitamin?
13. Which of these nutrients is the preferred energy source for the body?
14. Which of the following is the best source for omega-3 fatty acids?
15. This mineral is essential for healthy red blood cells and a deficiency might cause anemia.
16. This nutrient is most important for healthy vision:
17. What is the daily calorie requirement of an adult with average body weight?
18. Which enzyme helps for the digestion of fat after emulsification?
19. Which one of the nutrient should include in maximum quantity of dietary intake of small children?
20. Which of the following is known as the protein factory of cells?